Reduce emissions associated with the education sector

Are you a council working to reduce the energy use in your school estate? Want to engage and enthuse schools in your area about energy saving? Then talk to the LESS CO2 team to see what we can do for you.

Schools that have taken part in the LESS CO2 programme have gone on to save an average 14% on energy costs and 17 tonnes of carbon each year.

If you have challenging carbon reduction targets in your area, and are struggling for ways in which to reduce your emissions, then the LESS CO2 programme could significantly help you reduce the emissions associated with the education sector and schools estate.

We work closely with councils to develop ‘clusters’ of schools in their area. Typically, we have 15 schools in a cluster. The council recruits the schools into clusters, and then can sit back and relax as the programme takes the hard work of energy-related carbon reductions out of your hands.

The programme has worked closely with energy officers within local councils to help their schools make significant reductions in their energy use, and hence save money on their ongoing energy bills.

The Ashden LESS CO2 programme has empowered school staff and students to take back control of their energy consumption. It has developed an attitude that energy is everyone’s responsibility

Lee Jowett, Environmental Education Coordinator, Leicester City Council

How to get involved

To register a cluster onto the programme the council needs to recruit up to 15 schools, ideally geographically close to one another, to work together in their cluster over the duration of the programme.  A council can recruit more than one cluster, and can work with neighbouring councils if their respective schools are closely located.

When the cluster is recruited and registered, the council then helps to secure the locations and venues for the four workshops through the year, these typically take place in one of the schools, or in a council building.

Once the cluster is up and running, the council can relax. The LESS CO2 team then takes over and does all the hard work.

Register interest

Case study

Thornhill Primary School  / Young eco warriors make big energy savings

Thornhill Primary School’s crack squad of student eco-warriors keep energy wastage to a minimum with their spot checks on whether lights and appliances have been left on in the classroom. The school’s willingness to trial new ideas and share the results with others, along with its determination to reduce carbon to the absolute minimum, is what makes it the first Welsh school to win an Ashden Sustainable School Award.