A schools energy programme brought to you by Ashden

LESS CO2 is a schools energy reduction programme brought to you by Ashden

Ashden is a charity with a mission to accelerate transformative climate solutions and build a more just world. Through our annual Awards Ceremony we recognise and reward the most innovative sustainable energy pioneers in the UK and developing world.

Through our programmes we help our winners scale up and spread their best practice so others can learn from them.

Schools sit at the core of communities and can inspire change within the homes of their students and staff, across into other local schools, as well as beyond into the wider business and cultural community. A simple change in one school can spark a movement for change that leads to groups of schools making that change. We have seen this first-hand with our LESS CO2 schools, when inspired by other local schools, they act themselves and then go on to lead others. One small action, can ripple out and build into meaningful carbon management across a community.

Based on seven years’ experience supporting over 500 schools to reduce their carbon footprint, Ashden has a vision of all UK schools being zero carbon by 2030 and is developing a full programme of activities to help schools achieve this including:

Showcase Zero Carbon School - We are seeking to work with private sector partners to invest in one school, showing how with support they could become truly zero carbon, from their energy and curriculum to school meals and how children come to school.

Zero Carbon Challenge - To have 5 schools showcase the route map for different types of schools to achieve zero carbon. We are in discussions with key stakeholders to deliver this.

Learning and Insight - To share learning and insight. We work with clusters of schools to reduce their individual carbon footprint through our LESS CO2 programme, and are putting more of our tried and tested resources online.

If you would like to work with us to help all UK schools become zero carbon please get in touch by emailing alex.green@ashden.org

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We could not deliver this ground-breaking programme to schools for free without support from our supporters and partners who make this all possible.

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